Meticulous Roof Cleaning Services in Eastleigh

Destroying the Problem

Roof moss is a real problem in the UK, as our climate is damp and wet for most of the year. This creates perfect spawning grounds for moss and lichen, which, if left untreated, can cause significant damage to your roof. With our treatment, our aim is to not only eliminate the issue, but we also strive to prevent future reoccurrences. Using an eco-friendly fungicidal treatment, we make sure your roof stays moss-free for longer.

Effective Treatments

Once a roof has been cleaned, we always recommend protecting your home with a proven, controlled treatment. After application, our fungicidal treatment will soak into your tiles, killing off any moss and delaying any regrowth.

Valuable Expertise

As a company, we utilise a variety of techniques and equipment to ensure that your roof is cleaned to a high standard. Using sheet fittings to collect falling moss, we’ll disconnect all gutters and drains and clean your entire roof, by hand, with specialised brushes. After that, your roof will go through an in-depth inspection, which will ensure that your roof has been thoroughly cleaned. 

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